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La Mentira Capitulo 41

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Synopsis La Mentira Telenovela: The lifetime of the Altamira family lands up turning into a nightmare when the eldest daughter of Marian and Dana, disappears while not a trace of his whereabouts throughout the birthday of his father. Elisa (17) is a component of 1 of the wealthiest families within the town and whereas in a very party that has gone together with his cousins, they're going to lose the path and claim to not see her once more.

After a family dinner in honor of Mariano in conjunction with family and friends, the renowned attorney decides to bring youth to the club, the place where he saw his daughter one last time. When Dana and Cecilia van to choose up Flower, Edward and James, to his surprise found that Elisa isn't in any corner and there begins the ordeal of a few along for seventeen years.

With the disappearance of Elisa, the pain of a family jam-packed with uncertainty and an exploration against time to search out the Altamira family joins forces with the police at the pinnacle of Christopher, he's liable for investigating, uncovering previous secrets and grudges during which have interaction all members of the family.

Thanks to these tracks and trails are revealed, every character becomes a suspect once more, and each day the possible culprits are nearer to the reality of the absence of Elisa . Here begins to tear down the house of a lifetime of lies and dark secrets.

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