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Ver El Clon Capitulo 181 Final Online

Watch a telenovela is an entertainment and pleasure for some people. Ver  EL CLON Capitulo 181 is the last of the drama television series created one of the State in Latin America, namely Mexico. Many people who want to see and watch Ver EL CLON Grand Final Capitulo 181 Online Movie.

I liked the novel and not talk about jade as if it never cost to sain and she always love daniel lucas and fought to the end and achieve what she wanted to be forgiven of Uncle Luke and see his daughter I do not think it was a ligerita and also is a novel and on mulsumanes must respect their beliefs the novel was a success because I liked a lot for uploading all the videos THE Catrachita.

That pretty final, I admit I was a bit cheesy in the end but have to admit that he was sad that it almost makes me seriously mourn congratulations to Singapore for this novel so beautiful that my eyes have seen.

If the novel estubo father I loved. hear but, What's with the dr. daniel ke Albieri and died in the wave decierto or did not pass the final but I suppose I died of thirst jiji. and Rani put it another good ke sangrona wife. but Said the so cute, and the vibe of Soraida probre he lived with more wives. I would have liked to Soraida ke tubiera only. byebye. thanks for uploading the episodes. Helen.

El Clon Capitulo 181(9)-Gran Final
Season or Vel El Clon Capitulo Parte consists of nearly two hundred episodes, exactly 181 episodes. Ver El Clon is one of the most popular telenovela in the country - Latin American countries, and countries - countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, including in Australia. Ver El Clon deserve a lot of fans around the world, this telenovela sufficient quality.

Synopsis Ver El Clon Capitulo
It is the love story that begins when he meets Jade Lucas in Morocco. Daughter of Muslims, but born and raised in America, Jade has to move to Morocco with his uncle Ali, after the sudden death of his mother. Jade and Luke love since they first see the day when he goes to his room without permission to see her dance.

However, because of Muslim customs, vigorously defended by Uncle Ali, it is impossible that those two can be together. It is for these deeply rooted customs Arab Ali arranged the marriages of his two nieces, Jade and Lattifa, two Muslim brothers, Said and Mohamed.

It counts with the help of the given Zoraida, an employee of the house, but confidant and accomplice of the two girls. Lucas has an identical twin brother Diego, who unlike Lucas, is a typical conquistador, cheerful and enterprising, considered the most suitable for their business to replace his father, Leonardo Ferrer, a millionaire widower devoted to import and export food.

Leonardo lives on a passionate affair with the outgoing Cristina, a beautiful woman is not the same social class as the Ferrer. Diego disapprove Cristina's relationship with Leonardo, after discovering she was with her with whom she spent a casual, but torrid night of love in Morocco.

Cristina did not know that Diego was the son of Leonardo, and try by all means to hide what happened, but Diego finally tells his father everything. When confronted, Cristina changes things, and Leonardo is set against his son.

Unfortunately, returning to Miami, Diego suffered a helicopter crash on his way to the house of his new girlfriend, Marisa, and dies. After his death, and guilt, Leonardo cancels marriage to Cristina and distance from it.

Luke meanwhile, postponed their plans to flee with Jade, after having made love to her, a sin punishable by death in Morocco if the husband finds that his wife not a virgin. Full of pain and disappointment with the attitude of Lucas, Jade returns home and agrees to marry Said, knowing he could die when he realizes it is no longer a virgin.

Said, deeply in love with Jade, he decides to shut his sin and ignore her love for Lucas, but warns him that if I ever see him again, kill him.

But love for Jade is stronger than his will and a trip to Morocco Lucas relives her romance with her, taking the decision to leave and escape Marisa Jade.

Time after Lucas learns that Marisa is pregnant and decides to give a new opportunity for your marriage for the sake of that child is coming.

EC capitulo 181 (2)

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