La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 60

La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 60 Telenovela on-line are going to be broadcast on telemundo. The videos are linked immediately once the live broadcast and are top quality, enjoys replacing Clone your favorite novels and every one novel here. I hope you relish all of this video and dont forget to come back back once more to follow successive episode as a result of every episode features a story attention-grabbing and suspenseful.

Sinopsis Of La Reina Del Sur :
In Mexico, Epifanio Vargas has been operating because the chief of campaign for successive presidential election. His nephew (who is, in fact, his son) Ramiro (Salvador Zerboni) arranges for the candidate to be assassinated, guaranteeing that the candidacy can head to Vargas instead. Spurred on by the very fact that the pinnacle of the Sinaloa cartel is getting ready to be elected president of Mexico, the DEA changes techniques and offers Teresa immunity against prosecution if she agrees to testify against Vargas and destroy his political career. At identical time, Vargas asks Ramiro to bring Teresa back to Mexico below the guise of extending missive of invitation to attend his candidacy, however in point of fact to execute her as a result of she is that the solely person still alive who is aware of concerning his criminal past.

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La Reina del Sur: Capitulo 60 Parte (1-5)

La Reina del Sur: Capitulo 60 Parte (2-5)

La Reina del Sur: Capitulo 60 Parte (3-5)

La Reina del Sur: Capitulo 60 Parte (4-5)

La Reina del Sur: Capitulo 60 Parte (5-5)

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